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As Australia’s most popular barista-made coffee, McCafe is one of the nation’s most successful home-grown inventions. Evolving from its launch in 1993 in Australia’s coffee capital – Melbourne – to now being available in countries right around the world such as Italy, Japan and the United States.  As McCafe marks its silver anniversary, it has unveiled the McCafe Silver Roast Report, lifting the lid on Aussies’ caffeine habits.


Jo Feeney, Director of Marketing McDonald’s Australia commented: We know that Australia has a deep love for coffee, and over its 25 years McCafé has gone from strength to strength as Aussies’ coffee tastes continue to evolve.  As the country’s most popular barista-made coffee, McCafe is transforming the way quality is delivered in Australia on a large scale through unrivalled convenience and fantastic, consistent quality coffee”.

The report revealed we can’t get enough of the cappuccino with two-fifths (43%) of barista-made coffees served at McCafe in 2017 a cap. The chocolate-dusted coffee’s popularity is highest in Tasmania (48%) and New South Wales (47%) and least popular in Victoria (39%).


“Our Silver Roast Report data shows that the cappuccino has been a longstanding favourite since McCafe opened its doors back in Melbourne 25 years ago. In 2017, the cap accounted for nearly half of coffees we served in our restaurants and via our drive-thrus, while the latte and flat white accounted for just 27% and 19%, respectively,” added Feeney.

The latte gives the well-loved cappuccino some competition in Victoria, with lattes accounting for nearly two in five orders (38%). For West Australians, the humble flat white makes up nearly a third (32%) of coffees served, compared to just one in 10 orders in Victoria (11%).


Our coffee tastes continue to evolve, but milk coffees still dominate; over the last decade, the latte has soared in popularity nationally, increasing by 21%. The flat white, still one of the most popular coffees ordered, peaked in popularity in 2012.

The McCafe findings also showed the iced latte has jumped from just 1% of orders in 2012, to 3% in 2017. The cold coffee beverage was most popular in Queensland, where black coffee choices (espresso and long black) are also served more than in other states, accounting for 4% of drinks served.

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