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They’ve mastered the art of Peking Duck using non-smoky open ovens fueled with dates, peach and pear to subtlely flavor their poultry. It’s history steeped into the Qing dynasty with its inception in 1864.  An international chain used as the benchmark for many dignatory and celebrity events, they serve more than 2 million ducks, cooked in over 400 styles feeding more than 5 million customers each year and now we can add Sydney to that list of very lucky diners!!!

Quanjude in World Square: meaning – Quan ‘perfection, without flaw’, Ju ‘gathering’ and De ‘supreme’. A union of perfection in benevolence.

The Long Stout tea ceremony performance is a way of brewing tea and an art in itself. A focus on the spirit, the ideology behind it being – how to become a better moral-person. This can be a reached consciousness in movement, focusing oneself only on the brewing of tea. The real essence of this is to become aware of the ‘cha qi’ (tea energy), so that tea is experienced beyond just taste, aroma, and appearance, and also how it affects one’s body and mind.

It’s one of the entertainment highlights together with the ‘Changing Faces’ dance which has its roots in Sichuan Opera, raising @quanjudesydney to a whole new level within the stable of destination dining options in #sydney

Quanjude Sydney
Shop 10.41, 644 George Street
Sydney  NSW  2000
Ph: +61 2 9267 7288

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