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Complementing the exclusive LEGO Store at Dreamworld, this dedicated interactive display will be an exciting new addition inside Australia’s largest theme park.


“It will be the first time this impressive LEGO® brick exhibition has been on display at an Australian theme park” Philip Hancox, General Manager of Marketing says.
“The Brickman Awesome exhibition is about all things amazing, unique, record-breaking or just plain awesome – and we can’t wait to offer our guests another experience that will transport them into a world of awe and wonder.”
Made entirely from LEGO® bricks, Brickman Awesome will showcase LEGO® like you’ve never seen before!  The exhibition will comprise 39 exclusive LEGO® models, totaling more than 2 million bricks and clocking up over 5,000 hours of build-time.
Brickman Awesome will include the tallest LEGO® model in the Southern Hemisphere – a NASA SLS rocket standing at a whopping 7.5m tall and created with more than 450,000 bricks. The LEGO® creation has an in-built lighting system to appear as if it’s blasting off into space. Taking more than 500 hours to create, the rocket itself is a masterpiece.
“The exhibition will also feature one of our biggest ever builds – a life-sized LEGO® Toyota Camry with working lights, showcase the only life-sized LEGO® Harley Davidson ever made and so much more,” Ryan McNaughton, ‘The Brickman’ says.

The exhibition will consist of five fully interactive tables and you will be able to put your inner creator to work as you help us build the largest Snake mosaic wall in Australia.

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