JOY by Dior: An untold story, never-forgotten glamour, essential luxury.

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The new JOY by Dior fragrance is immediate, clear and generous. Joy is finally captured in a scent, marked by both enveloping softness and energy. An ode to pleasure and life.

As far back as we can remember, Dior has always been devoted to women’s happiness. It is a mission they are committed to and a guiding obsession. For generations, the Dior soul has always remained strikingly feminine, luxurious, and pleasing.  20 years have passed since they launched a new women’s perfume and this renaissance and scent is  a new declaration of love for life.   It is an untold story, an expression of themselves, and a gift to women.

“Bringing a new Dior perfume to life is an event. For the entire house as much as for myself. It should rally and delight both men and women. It should have a far-reaching and generous dimension, with a strong signature. I was fortunate to know its name from the beginning. And what a name! Short, and lively yet not affected, it is open to all possibilities. To tell its story, I chose to create an enveloping scent, marked by softness as well as by energy. JOY by Dior is a breath of air, a path one travels, which carries you away.”  François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator

For joy is not a quest, nor even a conquest. Neither is it a choice, no more than it is an edifice. Difficult to confine, it enters, uninvited, overflowing with meaning.   It is a fleeting absolute, a breath of air that takes hold of your body, and then your soul. Or is it the other way around?  It is milk and honey, soft velvety skin. It is abandon and plenitude, a breach in space, a revelation of suspended time, weightlessness, and the waves that rock you. Generous in its universal appeal, it is the bright luxury of a perfect place, like finely woven silk unfurling gently over the body, for a smooth olfactive sensation where nothing is abrupt and everything flows. And which expresses jubilation, a caress, light, a smile, serene plenitude and strength, too.

JOY by Dior is a sensorial presence, embracing us with open arms, intoxicating our senses, leaving no room for doubt. In the end, one cannot say whether it is fresh, heady, floral or milky. And no matter, for it is all of this, all at once.  Just as it is. This perfume has lived through us. And finally, a single word comes to mind: joy.

Joy by Dior.003
Instant jubilation takes the shape of zested Bergamot and Mandarin heightened by aldehydes, which all unite to make flowers soar. Rose, in both Essence and Absolute form, as well as heady Jasmine, blend with these juicy fruits in a vibrant smile.
Instantly, one also feels enveloped and caressed by a delightfully smooth and milky wood. This warm and creamy Sandalwood is a mellow embrace, sustained by a slight touch of Cedar and a hint of Patchouli.

From among the large Musk family, a careful selection of notes are played, ma non troppo, to envelop the whole in a light, powdery breath of air. Evanescent

Musks encounter the woods and flowers that fill them out and personify them. The effect is one of tender skin-to-skin contact, like an intimate, softly sensual signature.

Joy by Dior.002
Jennifer Lawrence is the face of the new fragrance.   Joy by Dior in a film directed by her longstanding collaborator, Francis Lawrence.  A Dior icon, an absolute and authentic star. She shines, moves and smiles in a timelessly luxurious decor. Each shot is an ode to pure pleasure, an emotion-filled treasury in which she lives and breathes a joie de vivre, sensual and true.

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