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The Coca-Cola Company has acquired kombucha maker Organic & Raw Trading Co., which makes the MOJO brand of naturally fermented, live culture, organic kombucha drinks.

MOJO kombucha – which is sold throughout Australia – is made from naturally fermented tea and is the fastest-growing beverage category in Australia.

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“Our goal is to bring MOJO to more Australians by making it available in more places across the country. Consumers will be able to see the same great MOJO products on more store shelves.” said Vamsi Mohan, President of Coca-Cola Australia.  “Across Australia, we now have more than 165 products and 25 brands. The addition of MOJO kombucha fits perfectly with the growing popularity of organic, probiotic drinks.”

Anthony Crabb, co-founder and CEO of Organic & Raw, perfected his handmade, fermented drink in his home in 2010. Since then, MOJO has grown rapidly, using the highest-quality organic ingredients, including real fruit for great taste.  Organic & Raw’s biggest selling kombucha is MOJO CRAFTED KOMBUCHA, a low-sugar, naturally-fermented, live-culture, organic drink.    “Coca-Cola is a total beverage company with massive intellectual capital,” Mr Crabb said. “We can learn a lot about consumer trends and marketing innovation, while Coca-Cola can benefit from MOJO’s unique understanding of fermentation and what it takes to build great tasting brewed beverages.”

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