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“Diplomat has become part of the movement of renovating and revitalising Canberra’s heritage hotels,” said Hugh Cooke, Managing Director for Roundhouse Hotels.  “We were very proud to have the professional expertise of Blainey North who provided the design and inspiration for the refurbishment and assisted us in implementing her vision at the highest possible standard.

“In addition to the launch of the Diplomat, we are thrilled to provide support of the Rooftop Foundation, a fantastic local initiative which assists people in their time of need by providing emergency accommodation” continued Mr Cooke.  Rooftop Foundation’s mission is to support regional families with affordable relief accommodation at times of medical need. The Foundation offers support to families when they are away from home due to a loved one having medical treatment.

Roundhouse Hotels is raising money for Rooftop Foundation to provide 100 room nights in a year via free and discounted accommodation.


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