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Could this be the next big thing?   After a quick scan of the app and website the interface is simple, navigation is easy and musicians can instantly be connected with gig providers and venues within two taps.   A review or rating system keeps everyone in check.

On first glance, its an interface that could’ve been the love child of an Uber, Spotify, Soundcloud, Kaleidescope and Tribe Influencer orgy.  All merged into one where the focus is music, both the promotion and trade of services around that space.
For musicians, there’s easy portability of your audio portfolio into profiles allows punters to get a feel for your music and you can set rates managing all expectations of the negotiation before you set up on stage.  Registration is simple and on our initial exploration through the site no fees seem to be attached for use.  From the musicians / artist profile, venue bookers can specify the date, times one would be needed to perform generating an automated email for you to follow up.

For venue bookers / hosts, filters allow you to search by location, rates, style of music and essentially the terms and criteria specify when booking an artist form a written agreement so everyone’s on the same page.   You can explore an artist’s story with access to their photos, videos, reviews and biographies.

A quick overview:
Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 11.55.08 AM

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 11.55.26 AM
– It’s been around 12 months
– 1,000+ Amazing, gig-ready artists signed up and available to book
– 250+ Hours of Local Live Performances
– 120+ Live Music experiences

Payments are managed by Stripe and a 10% charge is added on top for the booker and their FAQs assure artists they will always get paid what they ask for when setting up gig rates.

Simple to use, easy to search. Will be keeping tabs on this one.

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