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Once again Aussie gin specialist Gintonica has released it’s beautiful gin advent calendar. Why beautiful? It is the only Gin Advent Calendar in the world that has specially designed mini-me distiller labels. It also boasts the largest gin sample bottles in the Australian market, at 50ml of Aussie craft gin per bottle. David Box, manager of Gintonica says “Our slogan is ‘enough to sip, mix and share’ but so many people say that they have no intentions of sharing”.

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The 24 bottles of Australian Craft Gin come from all across the country. Big players to micro-distilleries, well established to new producers. Included are tasting notes from the distillers and a recommendation on how to best enjoy the gins from Philip Jones, aka The Martini Whisperer, well known craft spirit advocate and educator. All made easy to taste in the comfort of your home, the back deck or the hammock.

We thought that it was all about making the festive season dissolve away at gin o’clock every December evening. But according to David it also helps solve the greatest dilemma of the gin boom: which bottles of Aussie craft gins will you buy for your bar? “Some liquor stores now have a wall of gin and most is local, so which one do you buy? Selecting a craft gin without a taste is not a good idea. The calendar solves this problem.”

The $275 price tag? David replies “This is definitely not for bargain hunters. We do all the hard work for real gin lovers who have no time to visit cellar doors, special tasting events, or the budget to pay $12 a shot at specialist gin bars. We give you the opportunity to taste and enjoy 40 shots of fantastic Aussie gin.”

“While the popularity of gin is still growing overseas, here in Australia gin it is booming. The number ofgin distilleries has nearly doubled in the last couple of years.” says David. “The real surprise is that plenty of people still don’t know that we make gin in Australia, or that our gin is winning worldwide recognition and top awards.”


·         24 x 50ml Australian Craft Gins.

·         Unique and cute distillers’ mini-me labels to keep and remember what you have tasted.

·         Award winning gins and special release gins from large as well as micro distilleries Australia wide.

·         Tasting notes and serving suggestions from the distilleries.

·         Guide to enjoying gin by craft gin expert “The Martini Whisperer”.

Available from Dan Murphy’s, independent liquor stores or Gintonica’s Gin Shop at

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