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BigWild Press ShotIt’s the third teaser from the much anticipated album, Superdream that’s set to drop in February 2019, but boy have we been enjoying the drip feed of EPs from Big Wild that keep us hanging in there.

From rising producer / composer and now-turned vocalist, Jackson Stell shimmers the discography of atmospheric funk with his dream-like whimsical kaleidoscope of vocals.  A survivor of thyroid cancer, we’ve watched him evolve musically in the last five years. “It changed my view on living my life,” Jackson says. “It gave me the courage to try new things and push myself”  The tracks so far unveilled, showing hints of his early hip-hop and electronic beginnings and album title, thus, reflects this amalgamation: a super dream combining all of life’s inspirations.

Listen to the new track here:

It was the psychedelic synth and funky baseline from first singles ‘Maker’ and carefree backbeats of  ‘Joypunks’ that reeled us in.  The third single shifts gears a little leaning more to the ethereal soundscape that is a signature in all tracks to date.

Still one of our favourites:

Big Wild’s sweeping melodies coupled with hypnotic portamento vocals has enabled it to boast the accolades of Apple Music’s Untitled and Spotify AU & NZ’s  elite playlists (New Music Friday, Indie Arrivals, New Dance Beats and We Be Vibin) clocking in 1.2 million listens per month and garnering over 130 millions streams!  Pandora has also tipped them as one of the “Artists watch in 2019”.

Written and recorded while living in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as in Portland, the 12-track album,  Superdream is steeped in vibrant myths as it defines Jackson Stell’s existence. “It’s about overcoming a difficult period of your life with a new and positive perspective” he says.

Serving as the primary lyricist, singer and songwriter, it’s personal in scope yet wholly universal in its message and reach with the album so far audibly dialyzing real-life moments, raw feelings and memories.

New Single ‘Heaven’ is out now with the album, ‘Superdream’ slated for release on 1 February 2019.

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