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Sampa The Great’s new single Energy is a must-add addition to your Spotify and I-Tunes playlists with its unassuming relaxed choral riffs and layers of soothing sax and strong backbeats.

Produced by Rahki and Silent Jay, it features Nadeem Dim Gabisi from music collective Steam Down. “We took this time to collaborate with talented creatives of colour from across the globe to translate this idea into video”, says Sampa. Energy makes a casually profound statement on social norms offering a challenge to mainstream preconceptions

The track is a flowing combination of hip-hop, jazz, funk and lounge.  Such an inviting lure as Energy pleads with listeners to consider the mainstream preconceived ideas that constitute our social fabric. The core theme is in finding a balance between the core aspects of masculine and feminine energy in one’s personna.

The question put forward as to whether a society raised by gender stereotyping enables one to thrive at full potential. 

“The birds and the bees ain’t got nothing on me….  You realize all the time we wasting, we realise the pain we facing”…

The lyrics are couched in such a provocative form, the power of its words subliminally resonate with the listener with thoughts that not only apply to the issues of gender politics and cultural disharmony which define the artist’s tone, but in everyday life too.

“Our perceptions of strength and weakness can be flawed and it is important we re-evaluate how we understand feminine and masculine aspects of all our energy. It’s especially important in our deeply unbalanced world.” says Sampa. “It’s easy to think this kind of talk is over the top or too esoteric but I encourage everyone to delve into this conversation and its true meaning.“

The vocal cadence of Sampa the Great as it orbits Nadeem Dim Gabisi’s off beat and sporadic staccato in rap delivery takes us through a compelling hybrid of Hip-Hop that swims betweenn R&B and rap in a soulful medlody of easy listening.

It’s a refreshing reminder of artistry that knows what it stands for in an industry often levitating to the pander of radio and club plays.

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