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Now that the dust has settled on the ridiculousness of a recent legal fiasco, Ruby Tuesdays brings out the big guns.  Shifting the focus back to what they do best.

Wollongong band mates, Paul, Mate, Shaun, Andrew and Michael present a solid new addition to their storied catalogue,‘Why You Always Gotta Fight Me’.


The new track cements Ruby Tuesdays’ reputation as unpretentious rockers as they cruise our sound waves with their distinct sound of funkadelic playfulness filled with fusions of colorful riffs, tectonic vocals and heavy grunge breakdowns.

Unison guitar lines frame the tender lyrics, “She was my north, my south, my east, my west, my working week, my Sunday rest” that strip down the process of letting go of a devolving relationship.  “Thought I heard you call my name on the whisper of the wind” they croon, holding on to that one last hope.

The climax is drawn out spectacularly after the bridge where we’re taken through the crux of their lamentation. Soft vocals from Mate are layered with Paul’s harmonisations bringing chills right before Shaun, Andrew and Michael smash us into the reality of the relationship ending through one electrifying crescendo.

It’s a change of pace in comparison to their previous upbeat tunes, ‘Overcoming’ and ‘Wooden Horse’. In their video clip which features Miss Earth, Lyndell Kean, the whole story is in black and white like a 5 minute and 38 second flashback.

The passion project of five lads from Wollongong that began through guitar lessons and spur-of-the-moment jams, it’s great to see a softer side to the band’s personna in a skirmish of awesomeness.

‘Why You Always Gotta Fight Me’ single will officially launch Saturday 23 February at Heritage Hotel Bulli, Bulli Tickets Here

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