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‘Good Music deserves to be heard’.  Showcasing great music from unsigned artists from around the world.   That’s the premise, that’s the promise and it’s at the heart of new Brisbane based record label, Music Hoarders United (MHU) vision for unearthing the artists of the future.

“So much fantastic music goes unheard simply because the artist does not fit the magic criteria or a marketing mould – so no one will give them a chance. At MHU we don’t care how old an artist is, if they had ever done a live gig, if they currently have no audience at all, or where they live. If the music is good then it deserves to be heard” says Lee Lee, MHU Founder.

Various-Artists.jpgThis month MHU launched their new ‘Mystery Music Box’ initiative. It’s an exclusive music club which gives members free access to a new EP every month.  Each EP contains 4 or 5 unsigned bands from a wide variety of locations and genres.  The beauty of the club is that it not only introduces music lovers to new and unheard music, but it also helps unknown bands reach an audience.  New bands frequently struggle with getting their music heard, particularly the first record that they release, because they just don’t have the funds or networks to reach beyond their own friend base. Membership to Mystery Music Box is free for music lovers and also for bands who want to participate and share their music.

The EP opens with “The Winner Is’ by DL Taylor showing all the raw edges of a good shed band smashing out wild energy with reminiscent of 60s rock.  The catchy melody in Franc Lee’s ‘Maya was a Liar’ and hypnotic falsetto makes this the favorite.   Sid Balcony’s ‘Before you Forget’ is a psychadellic melancholy track that grows on you.     almost.  The closing number in this sample teaser is on a happy end note melodically until you realise ‘An Act of Faith’ by The Vegas Nerve is about a tortured sole singing about “the alchemy of the everyday and the voodoo within the daily grind”.  The EP has a great mixed bag of rock, folk, indie, ambient, and pop styles brought together by guitar based tracks and is a great introduction to the potential of this project.

Ahead of the January release of their 16 track compilation album, the four track EP is a great opportunity for our headphones and surround sound systems to be filled with the unheard melodies and lyrics hidden in basements, bedrooms or bars across the globe.

Download the first free ‘Mystery Music Box’ EP

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