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Hennessy, the world’s best-selling Cognac celebrates the encounter of two cultures in a newly announced collaboration with fashion house,  Opening Ceremony.  When fusing the common ground of both brands, manifests an original design X.O-inspired traveller bag.  A limited-edition collector’s piece.

Hennessy X.O is the world’s original X.O Cognac that established the category back in 1870.  The blending of East and West has played an important role in the brand’s long-standing legacy and cultural heritage. The first shipment arrived in China in 1872, making it one of the first global markets to embrace X.O, where the refined golden-hued blend was dubbed the “Golden Elixir.”


“The collaboration with Hennessy was born from a shared passion for bringing together and celebrating different cultures.  For this design, we wanted to explore and honor our heritage by drawing inspiration from family traditions, our world travels, and the blending of our Eastern and Western backgrounds,” says Opening Ceremony co-founder, Humberto Leon. “The bold, rich flavor of X.O reminds us of family celebrations and toasts to success and good fortune, so to capture that spirit, we created a modern, luxurious travel bag in vibrant gold, a color that represents prosperity in our Asian cultures.”


“Like us, Hennessy champions the blending of different identities, and we were thrilled at the chance to work with this legacy brand that has such a storied history” says Opening Ceremony co-founder, Carol Lim.

Retailing just under $500, Opening Ceremony now delivers to Australia


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