I-Fly Downunder: Indoor Skydiving is ‘Virtually’ insane!

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The iFLY Virtual Reality experience is one of the most cutting edge, technology driven adventure experiences on the planet. With zero skydiving experience, you could be wingsuit base jumping “the Crack” – one of the most extreme Base Jumping sites in the world, or skydive over the Swiss Alps or Hawaii in airspeeds of 200kph+ through the use of our virtual reality goggles and the iFLY wind tunnel.

This is the first time in Australia this type of technology has been available!

IFly.001How it works:
The iFLY VR experience takes the same amount of time as a usual iFLY visit – approximately 1 hour, 45 minutes.  After arrival and check-in at iFLY, you will be geared up and enter a training session on how to fly in the wind tunnel and what to expect in your VR experience. The flight session will last 30 minutes where you and your fellow flyers will rotate through flying, with your last flight(s) being the virtual reality skydive(s). Post flight, you will debrief with your instructor, receive a personalized flightcertificate, and then be able to review your photos, videos and iFLY merchandise.

iFLY VR  ▪ 2 training flights ▪ 1 VR location flight ($149)
iFLY VR Ultimate ▪ 2 training flights ▪ 3 VR location flights ($199)

The iFLY Indoor Skydiving Virtual Reality experience is available now at iFLY Indoor Skydiving Penrith, Gold Coast and Perth locations. 


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