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In its 6th year, the UK phenomenon, Tribal Clash, is the biggest team fitness event in Europe. Described as an electric fusion of functional fitness, obstacle racing and a beach festival, next month will mark its debut on our shores with hundreds of athletes already signed up to take part.
Dubbed as ‘the toughest team competition in the world’, Tribal Clash Australia will take place on Wollongong North Beach on 9th and 10th of February.

Over 70 co-ed teams of six athletes, from as far as Perth, are preparing to battle through a gruelling two days – and they don’t even know what they have to face until the very last minute.  The teams have to be prepared for anything and train for the unknown.  

tribal-hig-res-345Top 24 teams after six events will advance to a brutal semi-final, a one-pull tug-of-war event where the teams are fighting for a place in the final. The winner of the 12-team final will take home the Tribal Mask.

RXdPhotography_Tribal_Clash_2016_Sunday0520-1.jpgTribal Clash teams race in a purpose-built arena on the beach, and some events will take the athletes in the water. Past Tribal Clash competitions have featured a 240kg sandbag worm, 340kg truck tyres, an obstacle course, a 3km beach run carrying a 50kg log, and a 600m open water swim.

rxdphotography_tribal_clash_2016_sunday3180Teams of 3 men and 3 women must work together, success at Tribal Clash requires excellent teamwork, communication skills and strategy, as well as fitness, endurance, and grit.

RXdPhotography_Tribal_Clash_2016_SATURDAY0823.jpgTeams have to think with their feet and adapt on the fly. The atmosphere on the arena is electric, with live DJs and drummers, and Wollongong can expect an epic show of athleticism and sportsmanship, inspiring spectators both young and old.

1458TribalClash17PortugalSat-copy.jpgAndrew Barker, Director of Games, said: ‘We can’t wait to finally arrive in Australia, and see how the Australian tribes tackle some infamous Tribal Clash workouts. There will be some of our old favourites from past competitions, and the athletes will definitely be getting wet. It is going to be savage, but fun – a signature Tribal Clash weekend.”

2018050612333957_ND__ND81758_RESIZED.jpgThe 2019 series kicks off in Australia next month, followed by Tribal Clash Portugal in May, Tribal Clash USA in June and Tribal Clash UK in July.   Over 6000 athletes have competed at Tribal Clash since its inception, and all 200 Tribal Clash Portugal 2019 team places sold out in just one hour.

Tribal Clash Australia
9-10 February 2019
North Beach, Wollongong
Register your team here


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