5 of the Coolest Pop-Up Cinema Events in the world

A quick look at the art of the pop-up cinema – from iconic harbour views and red rock mountains, to green powered screenings and hot tub novelties, we take a quick squizz at 5 of the cool and quirky ones!

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – Floating Cinema Weekends: 16-17, 23-24 January
In case you missed it, the program schedule is out and boy are you in for a treat!  Picked up from King Street Wharf you’ll cruise through the harbour and once anchored, enjoy one of the following films in the summer schedule:

16th January – MEAN GIRLS
17th January – ANCHORMAN
23rd January – THE HANGOVER
24th January – PULP FICTION

Image Suppled: Floating Cinema, Sydney

Snack foods are available to buy on board as well as a bar, keep that in mind as you cannot bring your own food and drink on-board.  The whole experience lasts for 3 hours.

IBIZA, SPAIN – Hot Tub Cinema pioneered the pop-ups in London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, New York, and Ibiza while you splash about in a tub for up to six of your mates, complete with butler service.   And now Hot Tub Cinema Club has a string of them coming to other cities in Australia yet to have been graced with the experience, as well as Netherlands, Canada and New Zealand!

LONDON, MAYFAIR  UK – The Edible Cinema takes place on Valentine’s Day in London.  The experience of ‘experience’ is elevated to a whole new level as a series of dishes and food items is curated based on those that are themed or appear in the movies you watch!   “See the film, taste the film!” as you down eight especially prepared items throughout your screening session.

Image Suppled: Curzon Cinema

COLWYN BAY, WALES – Well actually, it’s mobile so they get around the whole of Wales, UK and have even hosted events in Croatia!  Sol Cinema is fully solar powered, and in this day and age of clean eating so comes clean experiencing and entertainment in this cute intimate set up for up to 8 people.   You develop an immediate rapport with your hosts unlike larger clinical and anonymous cinemas we are all use to.  It pops up by waterfronts, zoos, festivals around the UK.

screen shot 2019-01-07 at 9.32.57 pm
Image Suppled: Sol Cinema, Wales

MORRISON, COLORADO USA –  Presented by the Denver Film Society, Film on the Rocks hosts a programe runs from May to August each year. It’s an evening of music and film where local bands provide pre-show entertainment before screenings with the ancestral volcanic arcs that forms the wondrous geological setting of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

Image Supplied: Coloroadean


Written by Joseph Lloyd


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