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TJ Dillashaw annonced the release of his new “Fit to Fight” online course that gives all-access to his multi-discipline training in martial arts.  Delivered online, TJ personally instructs trainers on many of his signature warm ups, drills, and combos.

 The unprecendented access to the current UFC Bantamweight Champion allows deeper insight into his training never before seen.  Aerial, Arc and dynamic sequencing shots will allow course members to study closely the title fight winning maneouvres and techniques as TJ himself shares his knowledge and expertise with you.

You’ll learn more about the discipline he’s implemented in achieving the success he’s experienced in the UFC.   “All you have to do is believe, baby!” Dillashaw once said in the Octagon. “Believe you’re the best in the world and you’ll get here!”.    A Bachelor of Science major specialising in Kinesiology, his tactical skill is coupled with expert knowledge in functional movement.

Over 130 installments will take viewers through various aspects of lifestyle, technique and drills.  From dexterity and cardio to strength and conditioning, to nutrition.   The course is designed to give mixed martial arts and fitness enthusiasts the framework to create their own sequences for optimal performance and progress. 

“I didn’t want to have the same tired old videos of an instructor from a single forward camera angle talking in a confusing manner.  I wanted a way to teach some of the amazing secrets I’ve picked up throughout my fighting life to everyday people and amateur and professional fighters. I know when I was in their shoes, I would have really loved for someone to teach me practical self defense, or help with my MMA training and career.” says Dillashaw.

His day generally consists of morning pro practice, followed by either wrestling, grappling or sparring, and then some Bang Muay Thai in the afternoon.  “In the evening I do strength and conditioning and find time for rest and recovery between each practice.”   A three time NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) qualifier in wrestling at Cal State Fullerton, it was his appearance in TV series, The Ultimate Fighter: Team Bisping vs Team Miller that really put him on the map, debuting in the shows finale.

The launch of this program comes directly before Dillashaw’s upcoming fight with current Flyweight Champion Henry Cejudo.  When asked if his program would give away any secrets he may use in his fight against Cejudo, Dillashaw replied:  “I definitely give instruction in my course that show tons of my secrets.  The way the fight game works though, is to always be innovating.  So even as I give trade secrets away on some of my best attributes, I am always working daily to develop new ones.”

Dillashaw’s fight with Cejudo takes place on Saturday, January 19th at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

In Dillashaw’s win versus Cejudo, he will join Daniel Cormier, Amanda Nunes, and Conor McGregor as the only concurrent UFC 2-Belt Champions.  “Getting this second belt is merely a prerequisite to getting a third belt” said a non-joking Dillashaw. “I want to win 3 belts to prove I’m the best pound for pound fighter on the planet.”

A one time payment gives you lifetime access and to launch, TJ’s knocking USD$100 off and throwing in a FREE T-shirt and course completion Certificate.

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