SIXES: Post punk/garage with a tinge of poppy soul release new EP ‘HISSS’ (Listen Now)

Out of San Diego, California, SIXES has shared the stage with genre heavies like La Luz, Jacuzzi Boys, Tijuana Panthers, The Monochrome Set and more, and their self-released debut EP HISSS received top honors in San Diego CityBeat’s 2018.
“Sixes are, ostensibly, a punk band. A basic, bass-guitar-drums trio, they certainly have the lo-fi sound down, proudly branding this EP as “self-produced, self-released, recorded live to a 4-track cassette machine.” (Refreshing in this age of digital gloss, tbh.)

SIXES on the wallThe five songs on the Hisss EP are lean and potent, with sharp corners and sharper melodies. But the coolest thing about Sixes is the thread of vintage influence that courses through their tunes. It can be heard in the submerged surf vibe of “Crusher” and the old-soul chorus of “Begging For Your Love” and the wild-eyed psych-garage jam “Don’t Mess With Ryan.” Punk bands are a dime a dozen. Deeply rooted punk bands like Sixes are far more valuable.”
With the release of their new music video for “The Desperator” (featured on San Diego NBC’s SoundDiego program), the band is hitting the local small club scene hard and working on new recordings and videos to be released later this year.

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