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Do you have a home that you make available as an Airbnb?   If so, you probably know of at least a few other homeowners in your area who also have Airbnbs.   You understand that most people who are looking for an Airbnb are paying close attention to the reviews of former guests.   Hiring an Airbnb manager in Melbourne can be the first step toward earning more positive reviews for your accommodations.   Discover nine ways that hiring this type of manager can help you move toward the five-star rating your Airbnb deserves.

1. Provide Fast, First-Rate Customer Service
Most Airbnb guests want to know their questions will be answered in a timely fashion. This is true even if they don’t have any questions that come to mind!  Excellent communication is a critical part of providing first-rate customer service. So, whether a guest has a question about an appliance in the home or wants some suggestions on where to find a great restaurant that serves Italian food, the person wants an answer right away.   shutterstock_1038981904Airbnb’s property management service provides a concierge who responds to guests’ questions and/or issues within an hour.   In addition, if there is a maintenance issue in the home, guests have 24/7 access to staff members who can help.  First-rate customer service means your guests never have to feel they are on their own if a question or issue arises.

2. Treat Your Guests Like Friends
Some people prefer to stay in an Airbnb because it feels more personal than a hotel. We make your guests feel like friends by giving them a warm welcome no matter when they arrive at your Airbnb.   shutterstock_709782289A weary guest who has traveled a long way to your Airbnb is sure to be touched by the welcome they receive upon arrival.  This may be the precise thing that earns your Airbnb a five-star rating from your guests.

3. Provide Guests with a Clean, Well-Stocked Airbnb
When guests open the door to your Airbnb, they’ll be greeted by a collection of clean rooms as well as stocked bathrooms and kitchen. When your previous guests check out, we send a team of cleaners into your Airbnb to clean each of the rooms in a thorough way. shutterstock_1297535956The work of our cleaners is up to the standard of a cleaning team in a hotel. Also, our cleaning team restocks the basics in the kitchen as well as the bathrooms.  So, a tired guest checking into your Airbnb will have things like sugar for their coffee, clean linens and bottles of shampoo for a quick shower.  All of these small details combine to leave your guests with a favorable impression of your Airbnb.

4. Make Check-In Convenient for Tired Guests
Guests who experience a stress-free, quick check-in process will surely be left with an excellent impression of your Airbnb. shutterstock_203178676You have access to a key safe for your Airbnb which allows your guests to access a key without delay. This key safe gives you peace of mind about the security of your home’s keys and gives guests a quick way to settle in for their stay.

5. Create Ads That Speak to Potential Guests
The first look at your Airbnb comes via its advertisement. So, why not make your listing as appealing as it can be? Airbnb property services take professional photographs in order to set a pleasant scene inside your Airbnb enabling potential guests to imagine themselves enjoying a relaxing stay in your home.   shutterstock_512805640

6. Make Your Airbnb Easy to Find Online
Creating an enticing advertisement for your Airbnb isn’t much good if it doesn’t come up early in an online search. So, we study search engine algorithms in an effort to place your Airbnb high up in the search results. Most potential guests don’t want to dedicate a lot of time looking for a beautiful Airbnb with positive reviews. That’s why we work to optimize your online search results.

7. Add an Extra Touch of Style to Your Place
The style and appearance of the furnishings in your Airbnb contribute to its comfortable atmosphere. shutterstock_730064344Airbnb property services evaluate the furnishings in your home and advise you on how you can make your Airbnb look even more stylish. Our decorating is done according to your budget.  Your guests will appreciate the beautiful décor as they enjoy their time in your Airbnb.

8. Create a House Manual to Make Your Guests Feel at Home
When your guests check into your Airbnb, property services provide them with a colorful, house manual. shutterstock_756035674If a guest needs to know where to find a certain item in your home or wants to learn more about a feature in your home, the house manual can be very helpful. The house manual is professionally-crafted and is yet another way to let guests know they are staying in a special place.

9. Show Your Guests You Appreciate Them
All of the above services combine to convey appreciation to guests staying in your Airbnb.  But, why not take that appreciation a step further?   Airbnb property services can arrange to leave a hamper of goodies in your Airbnb for arriving guests to enjoy. shutterstock_108856415This hamper could contain wine, cheese or delicious breakfast items. What a pleasant sight for guests to see as they open the door to your Airbnb!

Finally, with the improved online reviews of your Airbnb you’re likely to enjoy favorable word of mouth reviews. You may even start to see some guests return for a stay in your Airbnb on a yearly or seasonal basis!  Going out of your way to show great appreciation for your guests can benefit your Airbnb in countless ways.

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