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Bringing FREE critically-acclaimed Chinese cinema to Event Cinemas George St. film fans in Sydney, the first ever Chinese Film Week (27 Feb to 3 Mar) promises hi-octane action, edge of your seat suspense and gripping drama in a carefully curated program of films set to enthrall Australian audiences.


The brainchild of the Sydney China Cultural Centre, Chinese Film Week aims to build a better understanding of Chinese culture through the art of cinema, whilst showcasing some of the best and brightest creative minds China has to offer.

screen-shot-2019-02-23-at-6.36.25-pm.pngChen Shuang, Director of China Cultural Centre in Sydney, said, “Film has the ability to bring people together, sharing values and common interests, it is our privilege to be able to share our stories with Australian audiences.  The initiative aims to connect with lovers of the arts, whilst tightening bonds and experiences between international audiences and broadening the appeal of Chinese cinema”.

27/02/2019: 6:30PM: event opening + screening
28/02/2019: 7:00PM: screening The Wasted Times
01/03/2019: 7:00PM: screening Brotherhood of Blade
02/03/2019: 3:30PM: screening Detective Chinatown 2
02/03/2019: 6:30PM: screening Animal World
03/03/2019: 3:30PM: screening Hello Mr. Billionaire
03/03/2019: 6:30PM: screening Go Away Mr. Tumor


  • Lost, Found (2018) – Oscar nominated Director Yue Lü brings a tale of courage and determination following a criminal lawyer and single mother searching for her missing daughter;
    Lost, Found.jpg


  • The Wasted Times (2017) — Starring Golden Globe nominee Ziyi Zhang (Memoirs of a Geisha), the Japanese Army tries over three decades to build a difficult relationship with a Chinese gangland boss;Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 6.28.05 PM.png


  • Brotherhood of Blades (2014) — From prestigious Huading Award winning Director Yang Lu, three Imperial guards are played off against each other as pawns by a corrupt Emperor.Brotherhood of Blades 1.JPG


  • Detective Chinatown 2 (2018) — Old colleagues Tang and Qin team up once more to hunt down the culprit guilty of murdering the son of New York’s notorious Godfather;Detective Chinatown 2 2.jpg


  • Animal World (2018) — Starring Oscar winning Michael Douglas, Kaisi, owing millions, leaves home to board the ship Destiny, trying to gamble his way out of debt in a game of chance;Animal World 2.jpg


  • Hello Mr. Billionaire (2018) — Given seemingly the dream job, this comedy follows one man who must spend a billion dollars in 30 days to win 30 billion, the catch is he can’t own anything at the end of the 30 days;Hello Mr. Billionaire.jpg


  • Go Away Mr. Tumour (2015) — Based on the cult classic Chinese comic series by Xiong Dun, the story chronicles the darkest hours of a cancer patients treatment, adding humour and optimism to a seemingly bleak time of life.p2261682373.jpg


REGISTER HERE FOR TICKETS: Free screenings are available as long as cinema capacity permits


WHAT: Chinese Film Week 2019
WHEN: 27 February – 3 March 2019
WHERE: Event Cinemas, George Street

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