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Adelaide based, Multi State, National, International and World Champion Bodybuilder Kwame Duah is also a Nutrition and Food Science graduate.  He combines theory and practice when planning out his daily meals.  This allows him to maintain his lean physique all year round.  “Macros play a big role in my diet.” he says,  “I personally like to eat meals high in carbohydrates and protein, and lower in fat.”

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“What do my meals consist of?


  • 70-80% of whole foods with a variety of Macro sources.
  • Proteins – Eggs, fish, kangaroo, lean beef, lean turkey, chicken breast.
  • Fats – Avocado, nuts, seeds, MCT oils.
  • Carbohydrates – Rice , sweet potato , brown pasta , quinoa, and oats.

“I also ensure that I am getting my micro nutrients as they play an essential role in overall health, muscle building, weight loss, and strength.  Additional health foods like green tea, apple cider vinegar, and lemon water are also something I add to my daily routine.”



“If I have a goal of losing weight and hunger strikes, I focus on having more calorie dilute foods that help to keep me fuller for longer.  Fruits like watermelon which are liquid dense are a great snack as they keep me fuller being filled with lots of water too.”

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In September 2014 Kwame became the youngest natural bodybuilder to achieve professional status with Muscle Mania.  He has been featured in National & International magazines such as Australian Natural Bodz and Muscle Mag.
Kwame began competing in bodybuilding competitions in 2011 as a teenager competitor that crossed competed across the open division.   Kwame ’s passion for bodybuilding was increased as he endured through the lifestyle.
For Kwame, bodybuilding is a lifestyle; inspiring people, healthy living, keeping physically and mentally fit. A quiet character that comes to life on stage to bring a larger than life persona, clients say “he is very approachable, likes to have a laugh but at the same time keeps on check that they are working hard, thus makes the process enjoyable”.

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