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A natural born performer, Drewboy juggles a myriad of projects across television, film, recording and live gigs while maintaining a healthy modeling career. 

His career as a singer songwriter spans over 15 years and with guitar in hand swoons us with vocals packed full of soul – It’s his unique blend of upbeat rap, dance and occasionally like he’s latest single and love tributes that many have found irresistible.  

His magnetic stage presence in the North Queensland Live music scene has seen him enjoy a cult following with a reach that continues to extend right across the nation. 

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From personal pain comes some of the best music and it was a deep and personal loss that led to to a waterfall of original songs at Steve Irwin’s Crocoseum to wild fanfare of over 5000 spectators.  


Drew describes his new track as a song about surrendering pain, moving on and finding the space to love again.  Produced in the ambient Byron Bay studios of Tea Party’s Jeff Martin, who also plays and sings on this track, “Time to Say Good- Bye” is a modern ballad that will speak to the hearts of all those who hear it.

Bringing the story of the heartwrenching song to life, he uses the rich backdrop of North Queensland’s pristine beaches and rainforests.

45383169_175531273393261_4314070279740456960_n.jpgEnjoying his success, he never forgets where he came from as a FIFO worker and in seeing the prevalence of mental health issues around the environment in isolated work sites for weeks on end, devotes his music to a charity he created called, Kick On.    His mental health awareness music tours are quite unique and currently run until next week.


“Life starts outside of your comfort zone. If you find yourself bored, it’s time for a change. You create the universe you live in so DREAM BIG! Fail! LEARN! GROW! LOVE!” – Drew Brauer


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