How ice-cream & fried chicken are no longer ‘Cheat Day’ items

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Australian innovators in the food space have turned some of the most guiltiest indulgences into healthier treats allowing to have our cake and eat it too.

Tilly’s Guilt Free released a new range of ice cream last week including Chewy Gooey Choc Brownie, Cool Beans Vanilla n Fudge and Silky Salt Caramel.

Perfecting a formula with the use of Erythirol, each 475mL tub clocks in just 275-320 calories!

“If we’re going to make Australians fitter, healthier and happier, it’s not going to happen by getting them to cut out all the foods they love, it’s by giving them better, tastier and healthier options for all the foods they love!” says Co-Founder of The Protein Bread Company who recently merged with his sister’s company, Anna’s Low Carb Kitchen.  “Our range of nutritionally superior products support healthy active lifestyles, like our Protein Pancakes enjoyed for breakfast by thousands of people every single day, to our new Low Carb Crumb, designed to bring a healthy enjoyment to your Friday nights with friends and family.”
Brother & Sister team Luke (PBCo.) and Anna (Anna’s Low Carb Kitchen) Hopkins

Innovation is naturally in the DNA of this brother and sister team with their range of low carb baking mixes, developing bread with the lowest carbohyrdrate count in Australia.

Now everything can be crumbed.  Chicken, fish, halloumi, cheese, YES cheese, cauliflower, eggplant, the question now is what can’t be crumbed…
With 66% less carbs than normal bread crumbs and packed with the goodness of an amazing 35% plant protein it ticks all the boxes for those on keto, who are vegan, friend chicken lovers and gluten free dietary requirements.
“Buying Australian-made is on trend, and diets, food intolerances and health trends are also driving demand” said Acting CEO of NSW Farmers, Matt War Waring.

Source: National Community and Consumer Trust Project, Digital Transformation Agency.


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