Staying true to Southern French classics this winter at Loluk Bistro, Surry Hills

Southern France comes alive in the intimate setting of the Bourke Street homestead, Loluk.  A menu that continues to captivate, only a handful of places in the immediate city come to mind when it comes to French cuisine representation and Loluk stands prominently with consistency, authenticity and aesthetics unveiling its Autumn/Winter menu.  Aromatic flavours swirl through the palette with rich sauce, infused oils, slow cooked proteins featuring Salmon, Beef Cheek, Backstrap, Scallop, Octopus and more! 

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The intimacy of @lolukbistro evokes feelings of rural France as you enjoy the new Winter menu of slow cooked meats, rich infused sauces and vinaigrettes. . . A special thanks to @the_rnb_diary for extending an invitation to experience this sublime culinary display of classic French that stays true to its provincial roots. Great to see everyone @e_deliciou_s . . #lolukbistro #surryhillsrestaurant #sydneyeats #sydneyfoodies #christineandthequeens #HéloïseLetissier #alliancefrancaise #sydneyfrenchies #sydneyfrenchfood #france #mange #délicieux #porkbelly #escargot #sydneyrestaurant #oxfordstreetsydney #ausgoodfood #gaultmillau #surryhillscafe #surryhillsfood #sydneymardigras #surryhillssydney #francais #vividsydney #mbfwa @ausgoodfood @afsydney @gaultmillauau

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(LAMB BACKSTRAP) SELLE D’AGNEAU EN CROUTE DE CHATIGNE, VELOUTE DE PANAIS, PATATE CONFITE:  One of the more exciting regions of France, you find more prominent influences of the neighbouring Mediterranean here with the use of lamb backstrap.  The crust is chestnut which is countered by a parsnip white sauce and confit potato.  The richness and obvious precision to the dish make this the must-try this winter.

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(PORK BELLY) POLTRINE DE PORC, VELOUTE DE CRESSON, PETIT POIS A LA FRANCAISE, JUS A LA POMME:  Classic combination of pork and apple are heightened with the accompanying sauce turned into a jus.  Crackling skin roofing the succulence of the pork on a high green background not only invite visually, but satisfy with great depth in flavour.

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(SCALLOPS) SAUNT-JACQUES SNACKEES, VELOUTE DE CHOUX-FLEUR, HULLE TRUFFLE:  The captivating allure as you study each element that has been carefully positioned to create the interlude of delight.   The wine poached scallop is extracted from its shell with the puree evoking hues of truffle.

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(SNAILS) ESCARGOTS EN PERSILLADE: An essential 19th Century staple in French cuisine, the French reportedly consume 40,000 metric tons of snails each year.  The snails absorb and are soaked through with a garlic and parsley sauce.  National Escargot Day is on 24th May, so what better time to try, if you haven’t already.

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(BEEF CHEEK) DAUBE PROVENCALE, POLENTA CREMEUSE, TUILE AU PARMESAN:   The dense cut of daube and its sweetness are matched with a cushioning parmesan polenta and topped with a crisp carrying that parmesan flavour through.

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(PORK RILLETTE) RILLETTES DE PORC, CORNICHONS, CROUTONS GRILLES A L’ALL:   Shredded pork cooked in its on fat, its history steeped in the same medieval practices of confit to preserve food longer.   The process of of the rillette seems to add potency to its flavour.

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DESSERT:  The dessert highlights include a creme brulee and souffle, pictured here is an off-menu item, yet essential that allowed the culinary team to flex their choux-prowess during the menu showcase.

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A special thanks to The RNB Diary team for the invitation to collaborate on this menu sampling and E Delicious.   Starters range from $16-$22 with $65 caviar also available, while mains range from $24-$42.

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