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Zeus Street Greek is a spinoff from the teams who brought us Pony Dining and Crust Gourmet Pizza.   Fresh breads and condiments made on site, the Spartan Box is ample enough for a casual dinner for two.   Choose a starter, Choose your meat and choose a side!  It showcases the essential staples common in one of the world’s most favorite cuisines – slow cooked meats, freshly made dips and seasonal salads.

Random fun facts about the Greek God Zeus:

– he rebelled against his father to become the ruler of heaven and earth
– his daughter, Athena, popped out of his head

Chilli Tzatziki is a spicy rendition of the traditional greek youghurt, dill/cucumber, lemon/vinegar combination ($6.50)

– his wife, Hera, was also his sister
– he was a player that impersonated the husbands of his conquests and transformed into other mythical creatures

IMG_20190503_175120 (2)
A universal dish throughout the Mediterranean, a dish that marks the surrounding influences of the region on Greek Culture. Calamari $10

– In English, ‘Zeus’ can mean brightness or refer to the sky and is typically associated with the weather with images often depicting him with a thunderbolt that causes thunder and lightning.

– He had 35 children with 23 mothers both goddesses and mortal.

A 400 year old snack with ambiguous origins from either Turkey or North West Greece. Spanakopita $9

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