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The advances in science in modern times allows us to become more proactive with our healthcare.   Understanding our genetic makeup may help lower the risks of developing an illness or disease we may have biological predispositions to.  A leading ASEAN company, Genecare, is one genetics testing company that allows clients to better understand their risks.  The company makes use of whole genome sequencing to detect a client’s genetic variance and susceptibility to diseases or abnormalities.  Once ready, the results will be uploaded onto Genecare’s app called NexTx (Google Play Store or Apple Store).

It contains medical professionals and lifestyle service providers who offer precise and targeted advice based on the client’s genetic profiling for preventive healthcare consultation.


For example, medical experts will offer customised medical recommendations, while lifestyle service providers, such as fitness clubs, can create tailor-made exercise plans based on the client’s genetic makeup. The providers will then be able to input their observations and recommendations into the client’s profile.


“Without blockchain technology, there is always the risk of data breaches. Leaked personal data, can lead to devastating outcomes, such as manipulated medical records or discriminatory treatment from others due to exposed medical history. With Jupiter Chain, consumers will have a layer of security protecting their data,” said Mr Lew Hon Kean, CEO of Genecare.


Jupiter Chain is a smart, consentable data platform that allows users to maintain data privacy by encrypting their data and requiring consent before other parties can access the necessary information to perform big data analytics.


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