4 million Australians go hungry everyday: Kellogg’s combative plan for food security!

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In the last 10 years alone, Kellogg has provided 3 billion servings of food to people in need, supported 329,000 farmers through climate-smart agriculture programs and reduced greenhouse gas emissions to the equivalent of taking 317 million miles off the road2.


“Today, the number of people affected by food insecurity is staggering. There are more than 820 million hungry people in the world1, the majority of whom are women and girls.   As a leading global plant-based food company, achieving food security is at the heart of Kellogg Company’s commitment to society.”  said Chairman and CEO, Steve Cahillane when announcing its Corporate Responsibility Report, Creating Better Days.

“Often we think of food insecurity as an issue in developing markets but according to Food Bank around 4 million Australian’s have experienced food insecurity in 2018, many of who are categorised as having very low food security. It’s devastating that in an economy like ours, people still go hungry, and it seems things are getting tougher for many people especially in rural and regional areas.” –  Managing Director for Kellogg ANZ, Esme Borgelt.  

The ambitious project is referred to by executives as Kellogg’s “heart and soul strategy” in their mission to realise the vision  of the company’s late founder.  It sets a new course for the future inline with the Unted Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to address global food security, driving positive change for people, communities and the planet by 2030.   Kelloggs aims to do this by:

  • Nourishing 1 billion people with its foods, delivering nutrients of need and addressing hidden hunger;
  • Feeding 375 million people in need through food donations and expanded child feeding programs;
  • Nurturing the planet as it supports 1 million farmers, especially women smallholders and workers;
  • Conserving natural resources all along the value chain, from responsibly sourcing ingredients and reducing food waste, to providing recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging;
  • Encouraging employee volunteerism, ensuring an ethical supply chain and supporting diversity and inclusion;
  • And living its founder’s values by advocating on behalf of hungry children everywhere and engaging 1.5 billion people to help address the important issue of food security.
“We are very proud that we have been sourcing 100% of our grains from Aussie farmers for 90 years, and are still doing so today. Even though the ongoing drought is taking its toll on supply, we continue to support our farmers by buying all of our grains locally. ” – –  Managing Director for Kellogg ANZ, Esme Borgelt.

The growing awareness and trends of where our food is sourced and how it is produced is already a complex challenge as Kellogg’s works across Australia and New Zealand to improve livelihoods.

Feature image: Sheila Fitzgerald, Suzanne Tucker,  Natsicha Wetchasart, Aleks Ramer

[1] 2018 The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World, Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations
[2] EPA Equivalencies Calculator. Kellogg Company data from 2008 – 2018. 

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