Rookee: A direct line to some of our favorite sporting heroes – train with them now!

The global fitness industry is worth a whopping $87.5 billion with a sports industry valued at $1.3 trillion.   Rookee opens the door to over 250 sports across 24 categories letting us into their exclusive training routines and nutrition information.


Not only does it allow you to connect with your favorite sports heroes,  it also features a personalised workout creator that allows you to share your regime with friends and family.   The educational ensures correctness in technique.


Users can jump on the app for free, check out their favourite athletes, see how they train and what they eat, build their own workout (or use a community one), watch instructional videos on how to complete the workout and finally track their workout all through one app.


Rookee is now available to download on both iOS and Android and is adding new athletes to its catalogue weekly.

Download on Apple | Google Play Store
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Credits: Pablo Bona, Rodrigo S Coelho,

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