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It’s the stalwart of Sydney CBD fine dining where some of the biggest deals in town will be negotiated.  Enjoying the accolades of hosting a regular stable of clientele, moguls in business, media and politics, there’s extra care apparent in the service style and Neopolitan menu and beverage lists

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For long time diners of this establishment, there has been little change to the menu over the years and it’s a commonality across several Italian venues that remain rock solid sustaining decades in the business.


Cured meats, herbs and cheese wheels act as a centrepiece dividing the main area of the dining room with a feature wall of titans that could rival the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  It was the perfect pitstop before a visit to our friends at Velvet.


Minimal tones in modernity refresh the menu from season to season, but while being dynamic and adaptable, it’s not about gimmicks and hype when it comes to the experience here.   An influencer doesn’t need the bells and whistles to influence, it makes a statement, people take it or leave it respecting the dignity of the brand.  ‘Si senore, sono Itlaiano’, pero tonight we see accents of French sing through in this meal’s selection.


When it does the classics you’re expecting from an establishment like this where the experience is not only in the inevitable celebrity spotting around you, and the fresh ingredients that are chosen from the produce table used to prepare and garnish your dish, they’ll deliver in spades.

They opt for a mushier softer texture in there dumpling pillows of gnocchi.  So soft they dissolve to the touch on consumption.




While the restaurant is Italian, we see the Michelin star skill of  Executive Chef Laurent Cambon and his Parisian training emerge allowing him to own the culinary story here that has served the city’s elite since 1994.   When you dominate in a space it’s only natural your regulars want to see what you do with crowd pleasers.   Menu specials and dishes like the tartare and creme brulee allow him to do this.

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The future of Uber Eats???



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