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Specialised retailer, Lovehoney,  shows us the power of data and that there’s no escape to the digital imprints of who we are and what we like no matter how we try to hide what goes on in the bedroom.


By combining product searches with analytical data on  discovery and session times, an interactive hotmap of love has been created by Love Honey with some very intimate secrets about what goes on around the country!

It seems the Sunshine State is the hotbed for monkey time according to their report.  Five Queensland locations score in the top ten.

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The city of Gladstone, named after a boring gent who served as Great Britain’s PM 200 years ago, is clearly anything but a quiet and genteel location.   In fact, the residents of the shipping port are riding high when it comes to purchasing adult toys and related items.   Lovehoney’s data ranks Gladstone No 1 in terms of purchasing products including dildos, butt plugs, vibrators and more.

The analysis executed on 45 of the largest cities and towns reveal the juiciest findings with Townsville, Mackay and Rockhampton joining Gladstone keeping things hot all year round.



However, The Northern Territory tells a more complicated story as Alice Springs and Darwin fall at opposite ends of the sex-trum.   However, Alice Springs, which narrowly misses out on the top three, ensures the NT is not left at the bottom alongside Victoria.

Victoria is crowned the least sexiest place to live in the country with Bendigo only able to put the state on the map in position 32.   In NSW, the story is a little more uplifting with the beautiful town of Coffs Harbour cementing itself at number 25 thanks to increased strap on purchases in the area compared to its neighbours.


The findings leave key metropolitan cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Perth far behind as the only other capital city to feature alongside the second sexiest hotspot, Brisbane, is Adelaide at number nine. Sydney comes in at number 23, Perth at number 27 and Melbourne at number 35.   Regional Australia is demonstrating that it is leading the sexual charge throughout the country, with 8/10 towns featuring in the top ten.


Fun and fantasy are also explored and it seems what turns most Aussies on is a sexy cop, french maid and butler moreso in the hottest towns mentioned above as well as Bathurst, Lismore, Albuty and Cairnes.

When it comes to the most searched item on Lovehoney’s website, let’s just say Beyonce wouldn’t put a ring on it – if you can our drift.


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Limitations of research:
While Lovehoney distributes nationally, data may be skewed to the east coast and Queensland regions due to the physicality of the outlet.  No further data on the sample size is provided and relies purely on purchase data.

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