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It’s the keto dream clocking in just 1.6g in carbohydrates and 18g of Protein.  It’s seasoning flavoured by the second most popular cuisine enjoyed by Australians.  Regular pork mince retails from about $11kg, while leaner mince peaks at $16kg.  The new pre-seasoned “Cook with Curtis”  mince range sits at the $15kg mark, with its inviting michelin chef  twinkle eyed branded packaging that caters to those who can’t be bothered or are too time poor to season their own meat.   Has it really come to this Australia?


If it weren’t so competitively priced, the idea would be a little ridiculous.   Somehow, it’s a fun concept though,  that revitalises the budget meat packaging with that million dollar smile.   It’s 100% Australian mince with no artificial colours or flavours.   The Cook with Curtis range comes in four flavours and a recipe that requires minimal ingredients that can be whipped up in less than 25 minutes.


“When you’re cooking, you want the kids to smell it and be excited about what’s for dinner.  The idea with this range is that because the spices are ground into the mince, as soon as it hits the pan the spices start to toast – so within 60 seconds you can smell how beautiful it is.” says Coles Fresh Food Ambassador and Michelin-star chef, Curtis Stone.

Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 12.37.29 AM


The taste test:
Not a fan of five spice so its mexican we like best, however we totally didn’t follow the recommended recipes provided with the kit.   Check back in for the Thai and Italian mince test!








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