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Aperol celebrates its 100th Birthday in Venice, bringing guests from around the world together to toast to the iconic orange aperitif

Going back to the birthplace where the iconic bittersweet orange aperitif originated, the centenary of one of the world’s most distinguished brands was felt throughout the entire city of  Padova and Venice.

Reflecting on the brand’s rich history since 1919 and turning towards the future, Aperol shared the milestone with guests who flocked in from all parts of the globe using the universal languages of art, music and Aperol Spritz.

This signature cocktail single-handedly leads the global Spritz category, earning Aperol its rightful place in the International Bartender Association’s list (IBA), as the key defining ingredient of the Spritz Veneziano.

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Launching ‘Grazie Veneto’ or ‘thank you Veneto’ earlier this month, Aperol joined forces with three artists – Finnano Fenno (Italy), Dominic Keserton (UK) and Molly Egan (USA) – to unveil three bespoke sofas, courtesy of Kartell, to the public in Central Cavour Square in Padova.

A fourth sofa collaboratively designed between the artists saw its debut at Aperol’s 100th birthday celebration on Giudecca, Venice.   Each piece of urban art interprets the brand’s role in sparking joyful connections, prompting people to sit alongside each other, shedding light on the strong values of sharing in the brand’s mantra, ‘Together We Joy’.

Aperol-The Orange Chronicles

As part of the centenary landmark, Aperol worked with Tito Faraci, a renowned comic book author, and illustrator Sergio Gerasi, to produce a unique graphic novel titled Orange Chronicles, comprised of seven stories set around the world capturing the magic of human connections over the course of a hundred years. Published by Gribaudo, part of the Feltrinelli Publishing Group, this comic-strip style book will be available for purchase from July at the Feltrinelli chain and independent libraries across Italy, online at Amazon and on the Gribaudo website from 16.90 in Italian and English.

1 (4).jpegThe festivities culminated in the emblematic St. Mark’s Square, the city’s most famous space, as the beautiful location hosted a live concert ‘Aperol Happy Together Live’ blending different types of music for the first time in this historical space in Venice. Artists such as Francesca Michielin, Maneskin, and Max Gazz were part of the lineup and united a large crowd together to toast to 100 years of Joy with Aperol.

1 (3).jpegAndrea Neri, Managing Director, Italian Icons at Campari Group, commented: “As a brand that is a real Italian Icon, our aim is to bring people together using our universal language – one of joy, connection and spontaneity.   The year 2019 is a truly special one and it is an immense pleasure to be working on this launch at such a global scale, having people join us from across the world to celebrate.   We see new Aperol fans appear every day and we don’t want this to slow down. We’re so pleased to see that the Aperol philosophy has found its place across the four corners of the globe!”

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