Spreading Community Spirit through Silent Discos: Coming soon to a city near you!

Guru Dudu’s Silent Disco Walking Tours launches in Sydney on Friday 12th July as part of the Bondi Feast celebrations running through until 21st July.  The sensation that took Edinburgh Festival by storm last year entertained over 11,000 people over 25 days with 188 sold out shows!



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Presented by Dani Disco (aka Dani Cabs), the silent disco tours reacquaints us with community spirit that can sometimes be lost in our fast moving digital world.  “Dancing in public, surrounded by mostly strangers that form our communities, is playful by nature.”  he says in describing the 10 shows planned for Bondi Pavillion from 12 to 21 July.  

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“It’s loose self-expression to a certain beat that unifies us.  We seem to have lost this playful nature toward one another, which leads to misunderstanding, which breeds hate, which gives us a community that is sick.  If we play more with each other we improve our community, it’s science. Plus it’s fun. So a PLAYFUL community is a HEALTHY community for ALL.”

That’s the premise.  That’s the promise. 

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Guru Dudu’s Silent Disco Walking Tours is the creation of Guru Dudu (David Naylor – Melbourne) six years ago.   It comprises of a team of 14 guides globally and they’re establishing a team in Sydney to carry on their tradition of self expression, community and inclusiveness.   

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“It’s not just for the extroverts, “dorks”, “hipsters”, “oldies”, or whatever. This is for all human beings. You are never forced to participate in a way that you don’t want to.”  continues Dani.  “There is safety in numbers so if you’re shy, you can simply walk around with us, wearing a smile and you will still have a great time and you will still contribute massively to the overall experience for all.  We all contribute in our own playful way.”

Participants describe the experience as liberating as the shows bring together like minded individuals with a sense of openness that unleashes powerful connection and potential.    

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So what is it exactly?  Is it a tour only for visitors of the city?  Is it a dance night for locals?  It’s a show, led by Dani where you are also given the canvas to perform or participate the way you feel most comfortable.  

It’s an unconventional audience experience as the show itself is mobile while you immerse yourself in the comedic narrative of the tour guide spreading the joy and positivity you create around you.  Participants and spectators will get something out of the experience.

“The music and play is universal so it appeals to all.  We do throw in a few jokes or nuggets of info that reference the Bondi location, but it’s more about bringing the energy to the location and creating a unique experience with each specific group.”  exclaims Dani.   So just expect to move your bodies – at your own capacity – but you’re sure gonna move it.”

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