Jurassic World Pop-Up: Final Weekend

The school holiday season event at Macarthur Square comes to an end this weekend as the herd of animatronic dinosaurs including Blue, the leading Raptor from the film, Jurassic World stomps its way out of the west.

The pop-up features a representation of the iconic Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom gates, as families journeyed back 165 million years when dinosaurs dominated the Earth in a captivating, unimaginable lost wonderland.The craft area brought together the community as parents, friends and kids painted their own dinosaur sculpture.

The Jurassic adventure extends throughout the complex as visitors were transported to a prehistory jungle of interactive display of animatronic installations of a Stegosaurus, Triceratops and Pachycephalosaurus captivate and mounted Tyrannosaurus Rex skull! 



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