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A stunning new 15-episode online series is set to showcase extraordinary Territory landscapes and experiences to a global audience.

Fishing the Wild: Northern Territory was produced by Darwin production company Run for the Hills. It follows the adventures of Territorians Morgan Hartney and Hamish Simpson (Morgs and Simmo) as they scout out some of the NT’s best fishing spots while encountering a range of local characters and incredible wildlife along the way.

Cahill’s Crossing, Kakadu National Park

This series follows Fishing the Wild: North East Arnhem Land, which aired on 7Mate in 2015 and gathered an enthusiastic following of people from around Australia.   It will reach a global audience through YouTube, promoting what the Territory has to offer to millions of potential viewers.  The trailer was viewed by more than 10,000 people in its first week.

Buffalo in the scrubland

“Fishing the Wild is about more than fishing – it is about a timeless place, a rugged, prehistoric wilderness where you can enjoy experiences in the natural world that will leave you speechless.” says Lauren Moss, Minister for Tourism, Sport and Culture. ”

Stanley Chasm, Alice Springs

“Investing in projects such as this, provides a tantalising glimpse of one of Australia’s most pristine and culturally rich places, and is another way of attracting visitors to the Territory, injecting more money into the local economy, as well as creating new jobs and new business opportunities.

Sunset over Mindil Beach

From pristine beaches and incredible storms rolling in to mysterious billabongs, vast floodplains, untouched coral reefs and atolls surrounded by aquamarine waters, no landscape is left unexplored as the duo explores the place they have called home for decades.

A female Red Kangaroo with her joey on the red sand of outback central Australia

A varied cast of extras includes Traditional Owners who share their traditional hunting methods, time out on the water with those who work in the fishing sector, and a range of Territorians who the pair interact with on their travels or through their daily lives.

Close up of a Thorny Devil in the Australian outback

Different episodes feature Territory businesses, including Wildcard Luxury Cruises, East Arnhem Fishing Adventures and the Mercure Kakadu Crocodile Hotel.

White water Billabong, Kakadu National Park

“I was born and raised here and the beauty of this place still shocks me. Then you add in the cultural significance – this is the oldest, constantly inhabited place on earth with the oldest living culture on earth.”  says Director, Morgan Hartney,  “But you can learn all that on Google.

A crocodile jumps out the river to feed on meat thrown from a boat in the Kakadu

The real surprises are in the hidden details of this place. When you visit these landscapes, when you really zoom into them, that’s when you see how unique the NT really is.  The show is also about wild outdoor experiences. Journey here and say goodbye to what you think you know about the Territory. Listen to the people who know this place intimately, and call this incredible, mysterious place home.”

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