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Duration: 90 minutes
Playhouse, QPAC (Opening Night)

The children’s book by Colin Thiele has had many incarnations in film and stage since its first edition in the 1960s.   For longtime fans, it would be easy to compare it to previous works and be easily disappointed.   However, as someone not familiar with the story, the latest adaptation runs through to 17 August at QPAC’s playhouse is presented in the best way possible on stage as it introduces a classic story to a new generation of fans.

STORM BOY photo Jeff Busby_John Bacthelor_Conor LoweConor Lowe’s innocence as Storm Boy is contrasted by the grief embroiled father played by John Batchelor.  Tony Briggs off sets that dynamic providing comic relief.

“As a director there are works where you focus on moving your audience, and there are
works where you focus on delighting them.  There are also some rare works where you’re able to do both, sometimes on the turn of a dime.” says Director, Sam Strong.

Set changes incorporate clever use of the up stage and film projections of South Australian coastal wilds.  It’s cleverly done without compromising the very performances of the very character driven script.

The friendship of Storm Boy with Fingerbone leads him to forming an emotional attachment to pelicans that have been orphaned.

STORM BOY photo Jeff Busby_510.jpgThe pelicans are brought to life by the mechanical mastery of Dead Puppets Society and also provide plenty of laughs despite very limited dialogue.

It’s a great induction to theatre for young people in a family friendly story of friendship and personal growth.





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