Tips & Tricks in and out of the kitchen with Anita Munoz (Dining Editor / Family Entertainment)

Anita Munoz, Dining, Cooking & Homewares Editor

The TM5 model by Thermomix retailed at $2,089.   The new TM6 boast 20 functions, a one stop cooking station for blending, braising, chopping, crushing, caramelising, heating, kneading, grating, grinding, juicing, mixing, milling, mincing, pureeing, weighing, whipping, stirring, steaming, sautéing, stewing, sous-vide and slow cooking.  It’s considered one of the most premium cooking appliances in the market and we’ve been lucky to have had the input of Anita who manages a number of Cooking, Dining and Travel brands on social media.

Lending her area of expertise to the direction of stories and reviews in our Dining and Kids Entertainment pages has enabled us to extend our original editorial scope of venue reviews.

Tune in to her cooking adventures and dining exploits around the city.

Here are some of our favorite recipes and visits we at The Next Rush enjoyed from her accounts:








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