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Spring Wedding season is upon us and the results are in from over 1000 bucks party packages purchased by Big Boys Club (BBC) clients!  No surprise – blokes love a bit of action when they’re at a bucks party.  It can take a lot of convincing to get a guy down the aisle, but the idea of a wild night with his best mates to wave goodbye to bachelordom requires no such twisted arm.
So how do Aussie blokes like to celebrate their final hours before throwing away the key to the old ball and chain?  Beer?  Certainly.  Babes and boobs?  No doubt. BBC looked into what lads really love to do for their bucks party and the results may surprise you.

Burgers n Babes – for Bucks Parties and Blokes Events from Big Boys Club Bucks Nights on Vimeo.

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 7.32.09 PM.pngIt turns out they love fresh air and the high seas.  A backhand draw and a weighted offset.  And 9 holes on the crispest of crisp fairways.  What on earth are we talking about?

1. The party boat

Yarr, me hearties!  It turns out that guys don’t want grog, grub, games and girls for their bucks night.  They want grog, grub, games and girls … on a party boat!    Big Boys Club’s party boat cruise has turned out to be an absolute winner on the high seas, as big strong blokes lap up the sunshine and the most beautiful of views.   7:1 ratio of blokes to topless waitresses, and saucy parlour games like lingerie twister (ooh!) and strip beer pong (oooooh!).  Throw in a strip show, man-sized finger food and a bus to the strip club with VIP entry, and you’ve got one of the most winning bucks parties on planet earth.

2. Lawn bowls

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 7.52.07 PM.png
Beer and babes on the high seas may sound like fun, but do you know what soon-to-be former bachelors and their mates enjoy even more for a bucks party?  Beer, babes and a smooth-as-silk bowling green.   Huh?  BBC calls it Barefoot Bowls – because all you need to do to enjoy this super-popular bucks party package is take your shoes off.  The blue-rinse mob will vacate their favourite green for two exclusive hours so that you, your mates, and several Bowling Beauties can play with funny-looking balls.  Ahem.

3. Golf

But if boats and bowls are man’s third and second-best friends, then what grabs number 1 spot as THE most popular bucks party package?  One word: golf.  Complete with clubs, caddies and collared shirts, golf is indeed the great Scottish export (with the possible exception of Glenmorangie Scotch).  Many people even look to purchase their own simulator (from a website like https://shopindoorgolf.com/collections/skytrak-golf-simulators) to enjoy the game at home because it is that enjoyable. It combines science, sport, and Zen mental exercise.  What on earth could possibly make man’s perennially favourite weekend pastime even better?  How about a Beer Cart following in the slipstream of the Golf Buggy?  Check.  How about a couple of extremely cute caddies in the driving seat?  Check again.  How about a 3 hour bucks party once the 9th hole at stunning Albert Park is sunk?  Triple check.
shutterstock_662645422.jpgSo there you have it.  It turns out that blokes want outdoor action to go with their beer and babes when they’re celebrating a best mate’s descent into married bliss.

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