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  • So weird to hear his Australian accent and quite funny to hear old Bainesy report on how it grossed him out every time he had to do his incest scenes with his sister.  You got to admit, it was pretty grosse….
  • Luke Baines was off to see Guy Sebastian later that evening – Jealous!
  • He wants to be in Samantha Jade’s next video as a background dancer
  • The cocoon in episode 3 of the final season showed him in that pool of black oil for about 4 seconds after Lilith collected all the elements to resurrect her son – it took hours to remove with 3 people using a special alcohol based solution to remove the goo from Luke’s body and it was freezing cold


  • Luke says he’d go back if the show would ever be picked up for a a fourth season and he’d like to see his character Jonathan wake up from the cliffhanger pure shadow hunter with no demon side.  “I’d like to see how that would look” he joked “You know what I’ll film it on my phone and post it if they don’t bring the show back.
  • When asked if he could change the ending of the finale, he would have loved to see Jonathan Good and see what effect heavenly fire would have had on him.