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Chris Walker, Health & Fitness Editor


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What makes Chris Walker different is his approach. He focuses on correcting movement patterns, from stability, mobility and motor control.

“It’s all about creating a stronger foundation for life” he says.
Chris enjoys anything active –  from hiking, to kettlebell flows and barbell training, he embraces all types of training that challenges and strengthens movement patterns.
This is at the core of his personal training program.  By correcting the body to perform better for longer, participants can expect to see improvements not only physically but mentally as well.
Established 6 years ago in Orange (Central West NSW), he successfully runs training sessions both face to face and online with a global clientele across Australia, UK and Europe.  A stint in London gave him the chance to train actors through a private studio.
June 2019 Weekend Bootcamp for Sunny Kids Charity

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A challenge can be a uncomfortable situation not just physically but also mentally, we often take for granted how important it is to break down our mental barriers through self development and refuse to challenge ourself due to our human nature of becoming comfortable at times, we are all guilty of it, but how do we actually push past? Here are some strategies…

His credentials include:

  • A Personal Trainer holding a certificate III and IV in Fitness
  • A Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Level 1 ASCA Certificate
  • A Sports Nutrition Advisor
  • With an Advanced Diploma in Sports Nutrition 
  • TRX Functional Trainer
  • Level 1 Kettlebell and Barbell Trainer
  • Level 3 in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy;
  • Along with many seminars and small courses.

These have helped Chris focus on the internal and external factors when helping people change their life through a new whole holistic approach, while creating a community around the world.

Through his series of upcoming articles, you’ll gain a better understanding of why we move in certain ways, how to get stronger for longer, effective goal setting, getting fit in or outside the gym and much more to really spark your interest in the movement scene of exercise.

You can find a lot of exercises to try out and information to learn, on his Instagram @chriswalker_personaltrainer14 or his own weekly (CWPT) email to get stronger and fit, smarter and faster.

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Tempo Speed for Control of Movements ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Are you performing your movements at the right controlled tempo 💁🏻‍♂️ ➖ What is tempo?… ➖ Your tempo is the amount of time it takes on each section of a movement, such as a deadlift – 1 second up and 2-3 seconds down, this is a basic tempo that people usually use. ➖ If you constantly throw your weights up and down or perform a movement to quickly, you’ll have no contraction and most of the time you stop working on your actual motor control, let’s say you are performing a Bodyweight squat and you are rushing the movement and not thinking about where different parts of your body should be and a example would be – knees collapsing in because your not focusing on externally rotating your hips which turns your knees out. ➖ More control of each exercise means faster progress to your goal, take your time with each movement and focus on keeping the technique perfect with each second 💪🏼

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