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For the most part, a consistency check across their Bankstown, Castle Hill, Broadway and Chatswood maintains high standards in the commonly ordered favorites of Beef Rendang and Seafood Laksa.    More so as a regular at the Level 5 Westfield Food Court venue, its a converging mecca not only for city workers, but high street shoppers with a struggle for seating during the peak weekday lunch rush.

This particular outlet refers to itself as an express version of the beloved modern Malaysian chain. After 14 orders over a period of 5 months between May to September, the average wait time from ordering ranges from 14 to 22 minutes which sits comfortably in the time constraints of a typical corporate lunch hour.

Winning every time is the Roti (flat bread) with its exterior crunch and flakiness masking the soft fluffiness of its interior.   The sauce of the rendang has failed to disappoint and having ordered this dish 9 times in the above prescribed period, in alternating between the beef rendang and curry chicken – it’s a touch call.  The rendang is tougher than in other places where it slow cooks it to a texture of evaporation upon each bite – but that’s the way they do it here which is still really good.  The chicken is better in terms of texture if its tender meat with bursts of sauce.

Now the laksa has previously been hyped on a number of ocassions and it was at their Bankstown store where the Curry Laksa of Seafood was sampled.  Standard.   Generally alright, only once out of the 4 times the chicken and seafood laksas were purchased did something go wrong.  There was something missing.

The hot takeaway station has a choice of skewers and wings and these are an easy satisfying option if your’e really pushed for time.

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