Celebrating the independent music of ListenUp Songwriter’s Festival (Sydney Round): Songs that heal

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We don’t see the recent Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth semi finals in the 4th annual Songwriter’s Festivals showcases as competition.  Technically yes, winners must be crowned from each state to proceed to the Grand Final, but the real winners were the artists and music lovers who were able to collectively create moments of healing which is what this year’s theme is and as Founder, Ali Taylor put it, “bare their souls on stage’ it was more a collective assembly of ideas that directed positivity and awareness to subject matter often stigmatised.


For those not familiar with the Songwriter’s Festival, it’s founded by Taylor, who took a personal tragedy of loss and brought together independent musicians in a festival of original written works that hope to prevent the same experience happening to others in the community.

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“Songs that heal” is the 2019 theme and much adversity, challenge and heart ache brought to the stage in an intimate audience of fans and peers at Camperdown’s, The Newsagency.

Genuine musicality and authenticity oozed off the stage as real connection between performer and audience were made, one of the greater strengths in our opinion, when it comes to local and independent music.

Stories of love, personal insecurity, illness, suicide, self doubt, self discovery and hope filled the lyrics of the 12 acts that performed making it so impossible to judge, that an additional finalist to the three grand finalist places was added due to a deadlock.

As we approach the Grand Final, we celebrate the Australian Independent music scene delving into the music of all 48 semi finalists through feature articles, Spotify / Soundcloud playlist, and video clips.



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