How you breathe affects your progress. So are you doing it right?

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Just Breathe!

These are the words you might often hear if you are guilty of not breathing correctly or event at times, not at all, well very lightly breathing that is anyway.

Breathing is one of the basic fundamentals in any physical activity we do.   During high intensity regimes, your body uses more oxygen as your heart pumps it to your exercising muscles.  Our resting pace of breathing is about 15 times a minute and can quadruple when we exercise.  The way you breathe can affect the quality of that respiratory delivery, your workout and ultimately, your progress….

Breathing is like going for an afternoon walk, you know you should probably get out and get moving but you don’t because you feel tired after working.  The same goes for breathing.   You should really start practising how to breathe through your diaphragm but you haven’t made the effort to learn, imagine having more energy just from being able to breathe correctly.

Let’s keep this simple for now, start laying on your back on the ground and try inhaling through your nose all the way to the bottom of your stomach without rising your chest until your stomach is full and then exhale through the mouth nice and controlled breathe.


Think about a balloon expanding in your stomach.
This will help you use the muscles needed when improving your diaphragmic breathing.

Cleveland Clinic Guide

to Diaphragmic breathing



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