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The Melbourne Fitness Show completes the national schedule of events after two epic weekends in Sydney and Brisbane earlier this year.  The creme de la creme of innovation, fitness education, technology, health foods, sports nutrition, group fitness and fitness apparel will be on show across two areas at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre.

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The lineup at this year’s show promises not to disappoint with an assembly of  fitspo stars getting one final chance to connect with many of their fans and share their expertise first hand.  Check the complete list here in no particular order…

The ‘Quadzilla’ Ninja Warrior and Muscle Mania World professional body building champion who enjoy the indulgence of KFC and doughnuts


The International Federation of Body Builders’ Pro Bikini Competitor is a superwoman of many talents – nutritionist, author of 7 recipe books, nutritionist, personal trainer and mother of 4!


Cross Fit Games legend, motocross veteran and pioneer of ‘The Forte Method’ – giving you insight into how many who aspire but don’t progress optimally can efficiently streamline and organize the structure and mindset of their regime.


The lightning speed hustle boxer and nutritionist leads the ultimate high intensity interval training regime of cardio, strength and skill – boxing uses every single muscle in your body extending your limits in  stamina and endurance to new heights.


An advocate of paleo and low carb friendly meals, his training is about finding an equilibrium between clean eating and a positive mindset.


A personal trainer and law student, her custom design active wear and efficiently designed training routines embody the fast paced time poor lifestyles of many.  


The fitness mom who stood her ground from the beginning and stayed true and consistent to her routine.  Using that attention to inspire and lead a fitness movement embodying the best and worst days throughout our journey towards our goals and succeeding!


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