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Paint Red saves lives – the original social media? Where entire buildings were turned into political statements with viewers not liking posts but enjoying the thought provocation together? I see what they mean… But let’s just put it on socials anyway to be safe 😉 . . Shitbox Rally takes place twice a year that involves cross country driving vehicles on the verge of unroadworthiness thousands of kilometeres. Collectively in 8 years have raised over $21milion that’s been put towards a lot of the lifesaving research patients today . . #red #wearitpink #pinkribbon #pinkribbonwalk #cancersucks #breastcancerawarenessmonth #communitylove #streetart #whatsoninmelbourne #fcba #melbourneart #londonartists #berlinart #berlinartists #fbas #melbourneactors #melbournestyle #fitfam #melbournemusicscene #melbournecup #oktoberfest #townsvillelife #townsville #visitmelbourne

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Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 3.38.50 AMApproximately 19.500 will be diagnosed with breast cancer in Australia in 2019 and approximately 5% will be diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.

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Source: Australian Institute of Health & Welfare, 2019



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People with metastatic breast cancer can face a number of emotional, physical and practical challenges specific to their advanced disease.  Issues include managing symptoms of metastatic disease and its treatment, adjusting to living with metastatic breast cancer and coping with concerns about facing an uncertain future.

Although many people with metastatic breast cancer are living longer, current treatments are generally not curative. The main treatment goals for metastatic breast cancer are to effectively manage symptoms and optimise quality of life, as well as to prolong survival.

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Cover Image: Jules Dominga and daughter, Aurore