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New South Wales Event Cinema movie goers are in for a treat with yesterday’s opening of the new cinema kids space at Event Cinemas in Macquarie and Shellharbour.  It’s part of an ongoing national rollout at selected sites.

Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 2.00.03 AM.png“Our research tells us that our customers value unique experiences. We recognise that for people with young children, it can be a challenge to find fun, affordable activities to do – which led us to create Event Junior, designed by kids especially for kids.”  said Luke Mackey, Director of Entertainment, Event Cinemas, “This is about creating a relaxed environment where kids can chase, jump, bounce, play and if they wish, add a movie. Whether enjoying a playtime only session, adding a movie or hosting a birthday party, Event Junior is a complete sensory experience for kids, with the added benefit of being comfortable for carers”.

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The  in-cinema playground complete with a slide, netted climbing gym, digital interactive games and other play equipment will completely change the movie going experience for families.  Alongside the new design that will be rolled across Event Cinemas at selected outlets, alot of thought has gone into the specially designed menu of junior popcorn combos, muesli bars, kids’ ice-cream, yoghurt, candy and fresh fruit; as well as coffee, tea and snack options for caregivers.   Atmospheric light, modified sound and insertion of 10 minute intermissions for playtime and bathroom breaks will also be introduced.   Daybeds and sofa beanbags will also be added.   The space can also be booked for private screening and birthday parties!

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It’s a great follow up to the launch of the the Event Boutique concept earlier this year at George Street, Cinema in Sydney.   It was a design concept with the transformation of several screening rooms overhauled with style to add a uniqueness in experience for movie goers visiting each auditorium.

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“The Library” seating 28 guests  – paying homage to the art of storytelling

“Paparazzi” seating 46 guests – celebrating the glamour of the red carpet.

A special menu for this experience brought together gourmet artisans and local business with an offering of fresh baked goods, luxury platters of cured meats, hard and soft cheeses, pizzetta, more extensive dishes, a decadent sweet selection and candy bar favourites.

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“We don’t believe in a one-experience-fits-all approach to our cinemas or our customers.  Through our research we understand customers want choice, even down to the style of their seat. Those seeking premium experiences not only expect the best seat, sound and vision, they want to fully immerse in a great experience.” described Jane Hastings, CEO EVENT Hospitality and Entertainment.  “Our new Boutique cinemas enhance the viewing experience featuring unrivalled laser projection technology for the clearest picture, coupled with world-class sound, designer aesthetics and bespoke menus, everything about the Boutique experience is premium, unique and world-class.”

Features of the Event Boutique include designer recliners and foot rests with both spaces available for private bookings and corporate functions from cocktail events, creative corporate team sessions, product launches to private screenings.

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