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Comedy (Greece) –  Original Title: S’ afti ti hora kaneis den ixere na klaiei
Duration: 90 minutes
English subtitles

Directed and Written by Giorgos Panousopoulos
Cast: Margarita Panousopoulou, Serge-Requet Barville, Babis Hatzidakis, Fotini
Tsakiri, Yannis Hajiyannis.

It’s a quirky comedy that could very well be a collective realising of the Greek people’s hope and dreams.  It’s a film that is far removed from the dire climate  of the nation’s economical trials, set on an island of gambol and frolic.



South west of Samos in the Aegean sea, Icaria’s island reputation is well known for its residents’ long life expectancy.   A carefree demeanor of this flirtatious community forms the essence of the fantasy utopia,  Armenaki Island, where the film takes place.

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There’s a certain poignancy about the film that pays homage to the spirit of Greek culture as we laugh at ideas presented, then somehow lead us to critique our conventional Western customs,  if just for a moment.   The cinematography captures the beautiful landform of the island as we’re taken through the unconventional customs of the community from which much of the comedy ignites.

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Through the eyes of Felix (Serge-Requet Barville) and Aypa (Margarita Panousopoulou) we discover a certain discipline we live by in how we determine success, how we determine status, how we behave as a community.   Everything on the island is free, everything for the elderly is free, children can choose to go to school, banks have been abolished, the water they export requires no payment but simply goods that are needed by island inhabitants – food, supplies, clothing.   It’s a strange concept yet somehow a genius solution to many worldly problems we might think exist.

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The film doesn’t seem to be trying to make any kind of political statement, but the audience and also the characters visiting the island can’t help but see the magic that exists with the people on the island despite the chaos taking place on the mainland.

It’s a light hearted movie that celebrates a fulfilling co-existence the Armenakins  have attained in a life without complications.  Throughout the film two romances blossom throughout the film in between the laughs when being introduced to different characters across the island.   Felix and Aypa are conducting research for the government looking for opportunities for development.  The process as they immerse themselves into the culture of Armenaki becomes a respective journey of self exploration that leads them to a lifestone moment when given the choice to leave or stay.

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