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The Designer, Founder and Artistic Director of Y PLUS,  Yakup Bicer has his muse from his roots, his traditions and his history: The superheros and Champions of Turkey “PEHLIVANS”.  He wanted to share this cultural treasure , Champions who Inspired the whole world with having thousands of  admirers once, representing power, courage and authenticity; with the new generation, from a different angle.

Bicer, believes the power of owning the values and culture, getting inspiration from history, strengthens his design language.

With its extraordinary forms, Y PLUS breaks the rules, changes the perception of style, but with comfort.  Regardless of  gender and age, from streets to elegance, urban to high end, sophisticated and avant-garde styles are the “NEW COOL” of the brand.

Music: Sinan Akcil, Ferah Zeydan – Mucize

Choreography: Oner Evez,
Creative Consultant: Ceyda Balaban
Styling: Oguz Erel
Hair & Makeup: MAAG with L’Oreal & MAC.

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