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At the end of the biggest independent car rallies that raises funds for cancer research, all 275 cars which (entry criteria) must be worth less than $1000 before trekking cross country thousands of kilometres are auctioned off and added to the donation kitty.

From Melbourne to Townsville (starting today) and Alice Springs to Gold Coast (starting 23 May 2020), the annual events are known for its sense of fun, while tackling the serious issue.   Many who are driving have lost someone to the disease in its many forms.  Box Rallies fundraising records continue to be broken year after year, with more than $20 million donated to Cancer Council.

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“It’s amazing that in our 11th year of Shitbox we are starting, finishing and travelling via all new locations. In every rally we drive to and through ‘The Outback’, but for $hitbox Rally Autumn 2020 we are starting there!  This unusual route has us starting in the centre of Australia, traveling North initially to Karumba on the Gulf of Carpentaria before heading South East for the long drive to the Gold Coast.  There is a huge amount of country out there with every stopover bar one, being new to the Shitbox community.” said Founder of Box Rallies (Shitbox Rally and Mystery Box Rally) James Freeman, who started the event in 2009 after experiencing the loss of both of his parents from cancer within 12 months of each other.

Recent cancer research projects funded by money raised by Box Rallies include:

·       Professor Susan Clark – The Kay Stubbs Project Grant: Exploring and Exploiting the Epigenetic Basis of Endocrine Resistant Breast Cancer

·       Dr Mustafa Khasraw – VERTU – Veliparib, Radiotherapy and Temozolomide trial in Unmethylated MGMT Glioblastoma

·       Professor Finlay Macrae – CAPP3: a randomized dose finding non inferiority study of aspirin to prevent cancer in Lynch Syndrome

·       Associate Professor Manish Patel – Developing a Patient-Reported Symptom Index for Non-muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer


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