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Out with my pink lady, and Georgia Dawes

Sydney’s former resident celebrity pig, Kevin Bacon, today returned to his old home at The Grounds of Alexandria to make a one-off VIP appearance at the launch of Squealing Pig Rosé Gin.

In true Squealing Pig style, the quirky label chose Kevin as a superstar of a different kind – and not a Hollywood film star – to be the official ambassador of their unique new gin crafted with a dash of rosé wine.

In 2013 Kevin Bacon the pig made international headlines when he and Bradley the lamb mysteriously disappeared from The Grounds of Alexandria and were bizarrely found two weeks later in Victoria.

Kevin’s return to Sydney was met with a rapturous reception and after five years of attention and insta-fame, he officially retired from the spotlight in 2018 to move to The Riverside Farm Minimbah.

Among the 80 guests in attendance at today’s exclusive “Pignic” were Australian model Clementine McVeigh and Home & Away star Sophie Dillman. All had the chance to rub shoulders with Kevin Bacon the pig, witness his grand entrance on the Pink Carpet and sample bespoke rosé gin cocktails crafted by drinks expert Jason Crawley.

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Five cocktails were served in style by Crawley’s team of mixologists – “Pig N Soda”, “Pigroni”, “Pigtail Spritz”, “Pig Lady” and “Rosé Rosé”. The colourful “Pignic” also delighted guests with moreish “Pignic” style food including raspberry pavlovas infused with Squealing Pig Rosé Gin, gin and soda fountains, a custom ice-mill, a wall of gin and a hand carved Squealing Pig ice sculpture.

Squealing Pig Rosé Gin is a refreshing gin crafted with 10 botanicals – juniper berries, citrus peels, lavender blossoms, coriander seeds, angelica seeds, rosemary, cardamom, fennel, peppermint and laurel leaf – and a dash of Squealing Pig Rosé, the number one rosé sold in Australia[1].

“With gin and rosé both booming in Australia – gin is the fastest growing category of any alcohol[2], and rosé is growing by 21%[3] – Squealing Pig Rosé Gin is match made in heaven,” said Squealing Pig Chief Marketing Officer Angus Lilley. “Squealing Pig is a quirky brand that loves to do things differently, so appointing a prized pig as the ambassador for our new gin was an easy decision for us.

“Kevin Bacon the pig’s adventures have made global headlines, so we are honoured that his brief venture out of retirement has been at our Squealing Pig Rosé Gin “Pignic” today.”

Kevin’s foray out of retirement is temporary, with him returning this weekend to the quieter life at his home in Minimbah. There he lives with four Isabrown Chickens who have become his best friends: Ruby, Scarlett, Chilli and Ginger. He enjoys walks in the yard, afternoon swims in the dam with Kelly the Cattle Dog, and is loving country life.


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